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Lesson Overview

Combination Cooking involves both dry- and moist-heat cooking. Braising, stewing and pot-roasting are all combination cooking methods which are excellent for cooking tougher (but often tastier) cuts of meats.

These types of cooking methods require long, gentle cooking to turn tougher cuts of …

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Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson you'll be able to:
  • define combination cooking
  • choose the right cut of meat for combination cooking
  • understand what connective tissue is and why it is important
  • choose the right pot when combination cooking
  • describe why browning is often important
  • understand how the type and ratio of liquid used affects the final dish
  • understand why slow cooking at low temperatures is best for combination cooking success

Course Syllabus

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1. Introduction: Combination Cooking Fundamentals
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2. Complete Your Self Assessment
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3. Choosing Meat for Combination Cooking
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4. The Importance of Connective Tissue
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5. Choosing a Pot for Combination Cooking
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6. Browning Food for Combination Cooking
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7. Liquids & Ratios for Combination Cooking
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8. Combination Cooking | Slow and Low
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9. Practice Activities & Recipes
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10. Lesson Quiz
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Practice Recipes

A few of the practice recipes you'll learn in this lesson.

Prerequisites & Related Lessons

Please consider these additional lessons to support your learning and discovery. Some of these lessons are prerequisites that may help contextualize what you are learning and form a baseline of knowledge and skill. Other lessons are related and may help you explore next steps or dive deeper on a learning topic.

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What People Are Saying

"I learned a lot. This is definitely better made the day before. It requires a lot of time and would be much easier to just warm and serve. Don't use so much wine next time. It took away from the beef taste. Use beef stock and no more than one cup of wine. (I used 2 cups and didn't like it.) Once the searing of the meat begins, turn the temperature down a bit so the suks doesn't burn. This is also and more especially important when browning the mire poix. It really should sweat and consequently needs to be done at a lower heat. Whether chilling overnight or not, tilting the pot on one side for a while before removing fat helps bring it all to one side. Interesting to note is that I did not have a lot of fat to remove. By trimming off as much as possible before cooking helps that." ★★★★★
"Nice overview and some good tips. Will need to do other lessons for more specific tips on each of the combination cooking methods." ★★★★
"I learned a lot in this lesson. I’ve been buying the wrong piece of meat all this time when I was making certain dishes. No wonder it never came out as good as I expected it to. Thank you. I can’t wait to try again with the right cut of meat." ★★★★★
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27 Videos | 10 Tasks
Task 1: Introduction: Combination Cooking Fundamentals
Task 2: Complete Your Self Assessment
Task 3: Choosing Meat for Combination Cooking
Task 4: The Importance of Connective Tissue
Task 5: Choosing a Pot for Combination Cooking
Task 6: Browning Food for Combination Cooking
Task 7: Liquids & Ratios for Combination Cooking
Task 8: Combination Cooking | Slow and Low

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