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Lesson Overview

Fresh and crisp salad greens are a healthy and refreshing part of a balanced diet. These days, the markets are filled with an array of vibrant greens. One can literally make a unique salad every day of the week that will vary in color, composition and flavor. By using a variety of greens, salads will not only look visually stunning, but they will taste great.

In this lesson, you will learn how to choose and identify an assortment of salad greens. You will learn how to clean and refresh greens and how to dry and store them. You will also learn how to properly dress and toss a salad and how to combine greens in order to compose different salads.

Gone are the days of boring salads. By having a supply of clean, seasonal greens in the refrigerator, you will be inspired to put together a fresh, crisp and healthy salad on a regular basis. Whether served as a whole meal or a simple side, salads are easy to work into your cooking repertoire.

Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson you'll be able to:
  • understand the differences between mild, bold and bitter salad greens
  • choose fresh and healthy salad greens
  • understand the importance of drying salad greens
  • know how to properly prepare and store salad greens
  • properly toss a salad

Course Syllabus

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1. Salad Greens | Selecting & Preparing 2 mins
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2. Complete Your Self Assessment 2 mins
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3. Choosing & Cleaning Salad Greens 3 mins
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4. Drying & Storing Salad Greens 3 mins
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5. Tossing & Serving Salad Greens 20 mins
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6. Combining Salad Greens 20 mins
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7. Practice Activities & Recipes 45 mins
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8. Lesson Quiz 15 mins
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Finish Line 1 hr 50 mins Total Time

Practice Recipes

A few of the practice recipes you'll learn in this lesson.

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