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Professional chefs have the ability to bring a dish quickly together and plate it beautifully without hesitation. They do this with confidence and great consistency because they plan it out beforehand and continually practice.

Excellent, consistent, and quick plating takes just a bit of foreth…

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Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson you'll be able to:
  • identify the anatomy of a plate
  • describe why white, round plates are the most common for plating
  • understand how the color, texture, shape and size of each ingredient affects a plate design
  • describe why a rough drawing of a plated dish prior to cooking is beneficial for the plating process
  • identify the three main plating sections of a round plate
  • know how to set up your workstation in order to efficiently plate
  • place three main components into the appropriate sections on a plate
  • understand how to sauce food properly
  • know how to add garnish and finish a plate
  • identify common mistakes made during plating
  • inspect a plate prior to serving
  • hold, transfer and properly serve a plate to a diner

Course Syllabus

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1. Introduction: The Basics of Plating
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2. Complete Your Self Assessment
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3. The Anatomy of a Plate
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4. Choosing Plates | Colors & Sizes
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5. Choosing Plates | Shapes & Textures
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6. Plate Designing | What Goes Where?
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7. Preparing to Plate
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8. General Plating Guidelines
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9. Activity | Plating
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10. Practice Activities & Recipes
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11. Lesson Quiz
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Practice Recipes

A few of the practice recipes you'll learn in this lesson.

What People Are Saying

Katherine H "Fantastic! There was so much more to know about plating than I ever realized. I feel privileged!" Katherine H. ★★★★★
Diana W "I'm very impressed with the quality of the lesson" Diana W. ★★★★★
Default profile "Fantastic! There was so much more to know about plating than I ever realized. I feel privileged!" ★★★★★
Default profile "I'm very impressed with the quality of the lesson" ★★★★★
Default profile "Terrifically helpful! Never thought about many of these issues before." ★★★★★
Default profile "This was a very awesome class! It made so many things clear for me in regards to platting. I was struggling with my platting techniques during my monthly dinner parties, but now I truly feel empowered. Thanks Rouxbe for adding this class! :)" ★★★★★
Default profile "I loved the lesson on plating! The fundamentals taught in this lesson made the topic so much easier to understand and gave me a great foundation. Now I feel like I can begin to experiment more successfully with how I present the food I cook." ★★★★★
Default profile "This lesson was really helpful as it taught me the fundamental "rules" of plating. Now I feel like I can better deconstruct a plated dinner and understand exactly what happened to get it looking so attractive." ★★★★★
Default profile "An awesome lesson in learning how to plate!" ★★★★★
Default profile "it needs more info to make it matter. ex. if i wanna plate pasta ?"
Default profile "Good information even for experienced cooks" ★★★★★
Default profile "This basic plating lesson is a great help! Thanks a lot!" ★★★★
Default profile "Wonderful and Brilliant - all the basics are covered here for effective, efficient and fabulous plating!" ★★★★★
Default profile "Very useful information" ★★★★
Default profile "I had no idea of the basics...so it was very helpful." ★★★★
Default profile "I really enjoyed this lesson. I've always served dinner family style so this was a big lesson for me. The only issue I had with the lesson was there was no plant based meal option in task 10. I made up my own using garlic mashed potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, walnut and white bean meatloaf and onion gravy with a garnish of chopped scallions. I followed all the plating rules and my husband said it was beautiful." ★★★★★
Default profile "Oh wow, I will never look at food the same way again." ★★★★★
Default profile "Excellent as always! I think my main problem in the past has been putting too much food on the plate and probably a bigger variety of vegetables. Must admit I like it better that way to eat but it does look much better when done the way that you teach. I will remember this when I am serving guests in future!" ★★★★★
Default profile "All the practice could finish with plating. But its still good." ★★★★
Default profile "awesome class, really fun and interesting! Thanks, Viviane" ★★★★★
Default profile "I had absolutely no idea how to plate when I started this lesson. After completion, I feel well equipped with the knowledge I need and incredibly confident. I can't wait to wow my guests at my next dinner party!" ★★★★★
Default profile "really good videos and help alot to increase the view of a plate" ★★★★★
Default profile "It would be nice if you include ideas and advice in case of using plates that are not classic round ones, such as square, rectangular or plates for dishes with more liquid. Thanks!" ★★★★★
Default profile "Excellent but are the answers available so I can see where I went wrong" ★★★★★
Default profile "I really liked the course, I just wish there were more of it! It would be awesome to have plating tips for different types of dishes: stews, pasta, tacos, bakes (ex. lasagna) and desserts. As someone who did the plant based course and no longer cooks animal proteins I would like to learn to plate all of these different types of foods. The plating techniques I learned here are great, but realistically will be of limited use for me. Please think about it!" ★★★★
Default profile "love love love this lesson" ★★★★★
Default profile "Before taking this course, I had no knowledge of plating. This was extremely helpful." ★★★★★
Default profile "Very helpful and clear!" ★★★★★
Default profile "Great lesson. Easy stuff to learn and useful!" ★★★★★
Default profile "Worth every second!" ★★★★★
Default profile "This lesson caused me to be more creative. I know the correct placement of starch, vegetables, and protein. There were good recipes available." ★★★★★
Default profile "this lesson is amazing i love it" ★★★★★
Default profile "It was very fun to learn." ★★★★
Default profile "Very helpful" ★★★★★
Default profile "This was very good actually excellent, very enjoyable." ★★★★★
Default profile "Videos helped alot and voice instruction was detailed and not difficult to follow" ★★★★
Default profile "This topic helped me understand more about plating, how to handle, what are the best options for me when I am cooking in the kitchen, and time management." ★★★★★
Default profile "Very helpful, still could have included some ideas to some other strategies for plating, i heard a lot that center plating is something that is getting old, and negative space, and plate around are running tendencies" ★★★★
Default profile "helpful" ★★★
Default profile "Great course for beginners" ★★★★★
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21 Videos | 11 Tasks
Task 1: Introduction: The Basics of Plating
Task 2: Complete Your Self Assessment
Task 3: The Anatomy of a Plate
Task 4: Choosing Plates | Colors & Sizes
Task 5: Choosing Plates | Shapes & Textures
Task 6: Plate Designing | What Goes Where?
Task 7: Preparing to Plate
Task 8: General Plating Guidelines

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