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Co-developed with the founders of the French Pastry School, our baking and pastry program is the most comprehensive online program found available today.

120-days | 20 Units | 220+ Tasks | Over 100 Videos

Introduction and Orientation
Program framework
Pastry principles
Course expectations

Introduction to French Pastry & Baking
Pastry overview

Prepare your Kitchen
Rearrange your kitchen and pantry
Basics of ingredients
Basics of tools

Kitchen Basics 
Basic Baking & Pastry Skills
Mixing & folding
Rolling dough by hand
Baking process

Cookies: Basic
Dark chocolate and walnut cookies
Oatmeal raisin cookies
Creaming method for cookies
Quickbreads & Breakfast Items
Blueberry & flaxseed yogurt muffins
Creaming method for batters
Buttermilk & whole wheat pancakes
Well method
Sweet snacks: Pound cakes
Lemon sour cream pound cake
Sweet snacks: Bars
Dark chocolate brownies
Brown butter rice crispy squares
Silky lemon curd bars

Cookies: Decorated 
Butter & vanilla shortbread cookies
Royal icing for decorated cookies

Introduction to Bread: Loaf Pan Bread
Base temperature methodology
Toast bread

Breads: French Breads & Italian Breads
Poolish yeasted starter
Traditional French baguette
Bountiful focaccia bread

Breakfast pastries: Yeasted enriched dough, yeasted laminated dough, laminated dough
Traditional brioche
Croissants & chocolate croissants
Quick puff pastry dough
Apple turnovers

Tarts & Pies: Fruit pies, apple tarts, almond cream tarts
Cherry pie
Thin apple tart
Baked pear & apple cream tart

French pastries: Crepes & Chouquettes
Traditional crepes
Choux paste dough
Vanilla pastry cream custard
Classic chouquettes

Cookies: Macarons
French meringue almond macarons
Bittersweet dark chocolate ganache filling for macarons

French pastries: Dark chocolate mousse & vanilla creme brulee
Bistro style dark chocolate mousse
Vanilla creme brulee

Frozen Dessert
Vanilla ice cream with raspberry coulis
Candies and confections
Bittersweet dark chocolate truffles
Salted butter caramels from Brittany
Brunch celebration buffet
Buffet and final assessment

180 Days | 25 Units | 296+ Tasks | Over 220 Videos

Introduction to Bread Baking Arts
Program framework
Baking principles
Course expectations

Basics of Baking and Baking Skills
Basics of sanitation
Types of ovens

Prepare your Home Bakery
Rearrange your kitchen and pantry
Basics of Tools

Cornerstone Ingredients
General baking principles
What is sugar?
The basics of eggs
Butter and fats
The basics of milk and cream
Breakfast Pastries
Breakfast pastries

Creamed Batters
Basics of mixing and folding
Basics of piping
Creamed batter recipes
Liquid Batters & Choux Paste
LIquid batters
Choux paste
Whipped Batters
Basics of whipping

Biscuits, Cornbread & Scones

Doughnuts & Beignets
Doughnuts and beignets
Irish soda bread

Vegan & Gluten-Free
Gluten-free and vegan baking
Gluten-free raspberry pecan muffins
Vegan lime cake
Vegan and gluten-free banana, peanut butter, chocolate chip muffins

French Favorites
Baking principles
Egg wash with cream, prepared
Gâteau basque
Gingerbread cake
Canelés de Bordeaux

Flour, Yeast, Water, Salt
Four essentials of baking
Baker's math

Laminated Doughs
Basics of laminated doughs
Introduction to puff pastry
Introduction to apple turnovers
Introduction to spinach and feta pie

Yeasted Laminated Doughs
Fundamentals of yeasted laminated doughs
Almond cream and pastry cream
Fruit danish
Introduction to croissants 

Baked Enriched Dough with Yeast
Fundamentals of enriched doughs with yeast
Introduction to babka
Introduction to brioche
Introduction to sticky buns

Friend Enriched Dough with Yeast
Introduction to yeast raised doughnuts
Introduction to Berliner doughnuts

Breads using the Direct Method
Introduction to using the direct method
Introduction to soft salted pretzels
Introduction to Alsatian Flatbread Flammekueche
Introduction to naan

Biga and Sponge Fermentation
Introduction to the biga starter dough
Introduction to Provencal Fougasse Bread
Introduction to the sponge-yeasted starter dough
Introduction to pita bread

Poolish Fermentation
Introduction to the poolish-yeasted starter
Introduction to the traditional French baguette
Introduction to the English muffin

Fermented Dough
Introduction to the fermented dough
Introduction to whole wheat toast bread
Introduction to potato and beer bread
Introduction to bagels
Levain Fermentation
Introduction to naturally-fermented starter - levain
Introduction to ancient grain bread
Introduction to rye bread
Introduction to sourdough miche

Capstone & Final Assessment
Custom pop-up event

180 Days | 20 Units | 280+ Tasks | Over 150 Videos

Welcome to your Cake Baking & Decorating Arts Course
Program framework
Course expectations
Cake decorating principles

Basics of Baking and Baking Skills
Basics of sanitation
Basics of the baking process

Prepare your Cake Decorating Studio
Rearrange your cake decorating kitchen and pantry
Cake decorating and gum paste flower tools
The basics of piping

Cornerstone Ingredients
General baking principles
What is sugar?
The basics of eggs
Butter and fats
Basics of milk and cream
Cake decorating principles: Sponges
Introduction to hot process sponge
Introduction to cold process sponge
Introduction to American-style sponge
Fillings & Frostings
Types of fillings
Traditional granaches
Types of buttercream and frostings
How to flavor buttercream
Whole carmelized nuts
Buttercream Piping
Basic piping with buttercream
Using a cornet
Introduction to buttercream piped flowers
Making a piping practice board
Building a Buttercream Cake
Building a buttercream cake

Rolled Fondant Making & Covering a Cake
Rolled fondant making
Cover a cake and cake board in fondant
Make rolled fondant
Royal icing floodwork
Butter & vanilla shortbread cookies
Royal icing for decorated cookies
Flood Work on Cakes
Applying royal icing flood work on cakes

Advanced Royal Icing Piping
Advanced royal icing piping
Royal icing string work

Gum Paste: Making & Simple Decorations
Making gum paste & modified gum paste
Edible glue
50/50 paste
Simple rose
Gum Paste Decorations
Advanced Sugar Paste Decorations
Advanced sugar paste decorations

Beginner Gum Paste Flowers
Beginner gum paste flowers

Advanced Gum Paste Flowers
Advanced gum paste flowers

Packaging, Cutting, and Serving Cake
Packaging, cutting, and serving cake
Modeling Chocolate Figurines
Modeling Chocolate

Intro to Sculpted Cakes - Preparing the Components
Sculpted cottage cake preparation - Preparing the components
Capstone - Making a Sculpted Cottage Cake
Preparations for the sculpted cottage cake

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