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Lesson Overview

Any chef or confident cook will tell you that knowing how to season with salt is as crucial as any other technique you will learn. You may have already mastered many cooking techniques, but if your food isn’t seasoned properly with salt, it won’t matter – the flavors will be bland and unappealing.

In this lesson, you will learn about the types of salt which are commonly used during the cooking process and how salt affects food. You will also learn how to season with salt and when to salt food during the cooking process, so you can bring out the best flavor in your food.

Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson you'll be able to:
  • identify different types of salt
  • describe how salt affects food as you cook
  • understand how to salt food
  • understand when to salt food during cooking

Course Syllabus

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1. Introduction: How to Season with Salt 2 mins
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2. Complete Your Self Assessment 2 mins
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3. Types of Salt 10 mins
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4. How Salt Affects Food 2 mins
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5. How to Salt Food 4 mins
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6. When to Salt Food 20 mins
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7. Lesson Practice Recipes 45 mins
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8. Lesson Quiz 10 mins
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Finish Line 1 hr 35 mins Total Time

Practice Recipes

A few of the practice recipes you'll learn in this lesson.

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