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Food Safety —

Preparation, Handling & Service
The global hospitality industry is impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic from closing restaurants, hotels, cruise ships to disrupting supply chains everywhere. This course will provide a general introduction to food safety as well as address specific information that food handlers and operators should know about this virus and how it spreads. Anyone who is involved with handling, preparing or serving food has an important role to play in limiting the risk to others. 

Sample Video: Proper Handwashing

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The Curriculum

6 Lessons | 30 Tasks | 3 Continuing Education Hours

Introduction to Food Safety
Introduction to food safety
Causes of foodborne illnesses
Types of pathogens
Keys to food safety

Introduction to handwashing
When to wash your hands
Proper handwashing

Buying Food
Buying food safely
Potentially hazardous food

Storing Food
Storing food safely
Storing food in the refrigerator
More refrigerator tips
Storing food in the freezer
Storing dry goods

Preparing Food
Preparing food safely
The danger zone
Cooking food thoroughly
Using thermometers
Cleaning Up 
Cleaning and sanitizing for food safety
When to clean
Cleaning counters and cutting boards

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