Rouxbe Cooking School Overview

What is the Rouxbe Cooking School?

Rouxbe is a different kind of cooking website. We're an online cooking school that guides you along the same learning path used to teach aspiring chefs in professional culinary schools around the world. And with Rouxbe, you can do it all in your home, on your schedule, and at your own pace.

The path to becoming a better and more confident cook

Would you use a map to teach yourself how to drive? Probably not. Yet some people rely entirely on recipes to teach themselves how to cook. As with driving and most other skills, learning the fundamentals leads to a lifetime of enjoyment and success. Why would cooking be any different?

Step 1: Learn

knife skills

Learn fundamental cooking skills and techniques

Step 2: Practice

practicing cooking

Practice with delicious recipes and edible exercises

Step 3: Feedback

chef feedback

Get personalized answers from Rouxbe chefs

Result: Success

recipe success
  1. Cook with confidence
  2. Personalize recipes
  3. Save time cooking
  4. Have fun!

The same curriculum taught in professional culinary schools
  • 1,300 instructional videos focus on skill and technique
  • Hundreds of practice recipes
  • Personalized answers from Rouxbe chefs
  • 1,200+ quiz questions
Learn on your own schedule, at your own pace, wherever you want
  • Start anytime, progress at your own pace
  • Focused, to-the-point lessons perfect for time-starved cooks
  • Stop, rewind, and review videos as often as you like
Used by home cooks and culinary professionals worldwide
  • Used by home cooks in over 180 countries
  • Adopted by culinary training programs worldwide
  • Endorsed by culinary professionals, instructors, and home cooks
  • Developed with the Northwest Culinary Academy