Empower your patients

through their transition to a healthier lifestyle.  

Prescribe your patients an online cooking & nutrition course to drive long-term change

Taught by leading chef educators and medical professionals, Culinary Rx empowers patients through their transition to a more health-supportive diet and lifestyle. Completing the course provides students with the tools, resources and culinary confidence to take control of their life through food and cooking. As a prescriber, you will be able to send personal email invites to your patients and clients and monitor their use and progress. 

Course Highlights

More than 75 recipes
Private student community access
96 Instructional technique videos
Access to online events
Self paced online learning with instructor support
Students keep the course for life to refresh their learning
“Our current system is rewarding the management of disease, while not rewarding prevention and prescriptions for dietary change," says Stoll. "This has to change, because the current model is unsustainable - there is a better way when we take a food first approach, which is exactly what our Culinary Rx will provide: food first, medication second."
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The results are in

would recommend this course to others
gained confidence in their cooking ability
are now motivated to adopt better overall healthier habits
reported losing weight during the course
reported increased energy after the course

What healthcare professionals are saying

“The science supporting a plant-based diet is clear. The way to implement it is not always so easy. Rouxbe provides the best way I have found to master the skills needed to make the transition to a plant-based diet. ”
Aaron Levy, MD
“As a physician, I believe Culinary Rx has provided me with the crucial tools, as important, if not more important, than pharmaceuticals. It's time we reconsider food as the ultimate medicine, and help better inform our patients about ways they can safely and modify their disease risks.”
Ayesha Sherzai, MD
“As a cooking and nutrition educator, I am thrilled to be able to recommend Culinary Rx to my clients! In our current society of multi-tasking, hectic schedules and fast-food drive-throughs, this course offers the opportunity to learn and practice fundamental cooking techniques, inevitably leading to greater confidence and healthier choices in the kitchen.”
Claire Brown

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Learning Path
You Can Trust

Rouxbe courses offer an instructor-guided path that is completed entirely online, at your own pace. Whether you are looking to learn new cooking techniques, increase your confidence, expand your repertoire, or change your health, Rouxbe's learning path will help you reach your goals.


Our learning videos are close-up featuring the cooking technique instruction you need to be successful in the kitchen. Our content includes a variety of video types such as technique focused lessons, step-by-step video recipes, and instructional videos on other topics.


Students will watch video, read text, interact with visual learning assignments, upload and share photos, interact with the learning community, submit instructor-graded assignments, attend live events with Rouxbe instructors, and even complete fun interactive quizzes.

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