Air Culinaire Worldwide Selects Rouxbe for Global Staff Culinary Training


Tampa, FL: Rouxbe is pleased to announce a training partnership with Air Culinaire Worldwide, the premier provider of luxury in-flight catering for private aviation, to adopt Rouxbe’s culinary training program for their culinary associates. Air Culinaire Worldwide maintains facilities in 22 locations staffed with professional culinary teams and a global network of in-flight catering partners, dedicated to servicing in-flight catering needs at almost 1,500 airports throughout the world.

Their training includes a comprehensive curriculum that covers foundational techniques and fundamental cooking methods that are consistently used in their kitchens, globally. Rouxbe’s technology allows for cost-effective and scalable training and development solutions for culinary associates, regardless of when and where they work.

Steven Roberts, Air Culinaire Worldwide’s SVP of Global Operations, remarks: “The pace of culinary change and innovation is faster and more complex than it has ever been. Rouxbe provides our global culinary division the opportunity to hack new trends, techniques, innovations and emerging dietary restrictions which are front and center relative to consumer demands.

Air Culinaire Worldwide continues to stay cutting edge in all aspects of their business. Initiating a cost-effective professional online culinary training platform to their global staff accelerates their innovation.

Having an on-call training partner in Rouxbe, on a 24/7 basis, for our highly-customized business model is a game changer for us. Modern chefs require far more specialized training and information in today’s global culinary environment, and Rouxbe’s robust and diverse culinary education platform provides our chefs the lens through which to view the global culinary landscape differently and to thin-slice culinary trends, techniques, knowledge and visual reference quickly and on our timeline and schedule,” says Roberts.

The selection of Rouxbe by Air Culinaire Worldwide, extends the company’s global reach to over 700 food service enterprise clients — with their training solution currently being offered in 4 languages; English, Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish.

Rouxbe’s Chief Operating Officer, Gary Apito, adds, “We are eager to join forces with Air Culinaire Worldwide and contribute to their growth. They are uniquely positioned to take advantage of our powerful learning management system and have their cook training soar to new heights.” 

About Air Culinaire Worldwide: Air Culinaire Worldwide, a Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. company, serves in-flight catering to hundreds of airport locations across the globe. Since 2000, business and private aviation operators have relied upon the organization. With 22 owned-and-operated kitchens and hundreds of associate catering partners on six continents, business aviation organizations receive the total in-flight catering experience from one resource: Air Culinaire Worldwide.

About Rouxbe: With brick and mortar culinary schools closing their doors around the world, online learning has become the new industry standard for those seeking to learn foundational culinary technique. With high definition videos, world-class instructors, peer support and interactive assignments, Rouxbe has set the bar as the new standard in culinary education since 2005. We train hundreds of thousands of cooks in 180 countries, and we are just getting started.