Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services and Rouxbe Partner to Offer Training Program

Vancouver, B.C. (February 3, 2015)

Chartwells and the Rouxbe Cooking School are partnering to bring culinary skills training to associates of food operations at over 260 colleges and universities across the United States.

Rouxbe is pleased to announce the initiation of a training partnership with Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services, the leading contract foodservice provider in the United States.

In 2014 Chartwells and Rouxbe completed a pilot program to measure the potential impact and efficacy of Rouxbe’s training content and platform. Participants reported that Rouxbe training was a major enhancement in helping Chartwells’ associates enhance their skills in cooking fundamentals, and all demonstrated an overall increase in knowledge and confidence in applying techniques.

“I’m a seasoned cook with only on-the-job training… I never had the fundamental understanding of why we do things that way and what it accomplishes. Rouxbe gave me a better foundation to build upon,” said one associate. Regarding the value Rouxbe brings to Chartwells, another associate stated, “I think this is one of the best tools I have ever used to expand my knowledge in culinary arts. I think it would really be an asset to our company to retain and promote within our organization.”

Because of the positive results from the pilot, Chartwells Higher Education chose Rouxbe as a solution to bring cost-effective training in cooking fundamentals to its culinary teams.

“Chartwells’ culinary teams focus on guest-centered dining experiences by providing exceptional cuisine and service.  To enhance the skills and knowledge of our already talented culinarians and bring new associates to the next level through Rouxbe’s online training is a winning recipe. Chartwells is excited to work with Rouxbe to achieve this,” said Executive Chef Christian Fischer, Chartwells’ Vice President of Culinary Innovations.

The training program consists of instructional content that focuses on foundational cooking techniques used in a professional kitchen. In addition, Chartwells’ associates can track their learning, take assessments to verify progress, and review course content on demand. Rouxbe course content, consisting of close up HD video instruction and adaptive learning exercises, is available 24/7 from any internet enabled device.

“Chartwells shares Rouxbe’s commitment to innovation and health in foodservice. We are proud to offer Chartwells a training solution that directly supports their associates and gives them the tools needed to learn and grow on the job” said Joe Girard, Rouxbe’s CEO and co-founder.

About Rouxbe’s Professional Training Programs

Rouxbe provides training and instruction not only to quality restaurants and hospitality organizations, but also for serious home cooks and career changers. Rouxbe’s revolutionary online platform delivers cutting edge e-learning solutions that drive and measure learning outcomes and engagement while providing effective, lower-cost alternatives for training professional cooks. For more information on professional training tools or to learn more about Rouxbe, please contact Joe Girard, CEO & Co-Founder at