Welcome Najat Kaanache! Rouxbe Attracts World Class Talent and She’s on a Mission.

As we have reported, the Rouxbe Cooking School is embarking on one of its most ambitious feature releases since its inception and launch in 2005 – “Learning Paths” or Online Classes. These classes will lead cooks of all abilities through a variety of curriculum-driven paths to a unique end culinary goal, complete with a “Certificate of Completion” (note: we will be posting screenshots of what this will look like in the coming days).

As part of developing these online classes, we have been working hard at expanding our team and adding some of the world’s best talented chefs and educators. While there will be many new faces joining the Rouxbe culinary team, we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to one of our newest culinary instructors – Najat Kaanache. Najat will assist us with the creation and launch of one of our newest, and most important, class offerings (more details to follow, but let’s just say that we think it has the opportunity to change the world we live in).

Najat Kaanache

Najat Kaanache (aka The Pilgrim Chef) is frequently likened to another creative artist, Frida Kahlo, and her culinary expertise is truly magical and unique. She grew up picking and milling her own olives and wheat in the Atlas Mountains and has gone on to train with many of the world’s greatest chefs including: Ferran Adria, Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz, Rene Redzepi, Juan Mari Arzak, Martin Berasategui, Heston Blumenthal and Bill Yosses. Now hailed as the most knowledgeable and important female chef of the future, Kaanache has “evolutionary” ideas to reach the creative spirit in all people through the magic of cooking.

She worked at El Bulli – the World’s Best Restaurant

for its last two historic seasons and became one of five recipients of the auspicious “Masters of Culinary Science” degree created by Ferran Adria in collaboration with the University of Barcelona. She’s traveled all over the world to learn more about global gastronomic culture while teaching monumental seminars and creating unforgettable state dinners. Recently Kaanache partnered with White House Chef, Bill Yosses, to deliver presentations on “Science and Cooking” at Harvard University and New York University.

Najat Teaching at Harvard w/ White House Chef

Najat’s Message:

In my experience, nearly everyone is energized and interested when a meal is being prepared. Our instincts attract us like magnets to a flaming grill or even to a fresh salad. What I want to do is support families by providing straightforward education about natural foods, nutrition and cooking for a healthy life. Growing up on a farm in the North of Spain, I was very fortunate to be raised on the Mediterranean diet. I had a real relationship with each ingredient that came straight from the earth. I never saw commercials for McDonald’s and I didn’t ever crave White Castle. For families living in big cities things are very different and it is my mission to provide a platform that will help them find their way to a healthy eating lifestyle.

My Goal & Reason for Joining the Rouxbe Culinary Team:

My goal, deeply from my heart, is to unite people together around ONE table and show them that it is within their reach to make amazing, unique, and delicious dishes that are fresh, healthy and natural. From the age of five, I was cooking next to my grandma and mama every day. I never went outside of the house to eat until I dedicated myself to working for the best chefs in the world. In each of those kitchens we made the most experimental and difficult dishes on the planet, but we also strove for simplicity in the food we all ate for our daily family meals. To me, there is “Luxury in Simplicity” and that’s what I want to teach people…and without a doubt, Rouxbe is the very best program and platform online to help accomplish this.

Welcome Najat! We are honored to have you join our team. It is amazing for us to have someone with your talents and expertise help us change the world.

As you always say – “Let’s make magic!”

Joe Girard
CEO & Co-Founder of Rouxbe.