Culinary Wellness

It's time to change healthcare from disease care to true healthcare with a food-first approach to medicine. 
Who we are.
We are team of culinary instructors, former cooking school executives, and leading healthcare professionals, dedicated to teaching people how to change their lives through food and cooking.
What we do.
We deliver premium instructional cooking instruction and nutrition education online to anyone that wants to enhance their cooking technique, gain confidence in the kitchen and improve their health through food and cooking.
Why we do it.
Somewhere along the line we stopped cooking healthy foods and started eating foods that are harming us. If we don’t get people back into their kitchens, cooking health-supportive foods, millions will die unnecessary deaths. We aim to reverse this trend.

“Traditional approaches to health and wellness focus on recipes, but if you’re short on culinary skills, lack confidence in the kitchen, not sure how to shop, organize your kitchen, or plan your meals, recipes won’t get you far. Recipes also won’t drive long-term behavioural change if you don’t know how to execute them. Teach people to cook delicious health-support foods and they will heal themselves.”

Dr. Scott Stoll, Rouxbe Medical Director

Our Health & Wellness Advisory Board

Comprised of leading physicians – recognized experts in diet, nutrition and lifestyle health – Rouxbe has partnered with these leaders to create and support effective, measurable lifestyle health solutions that will help people cook and eat better foods more of the time.  
Marcy Madrid
Brendan Byrne, MD
Neal Barnard, MD
Dean Ornish, MD
Jeff Moyer, Organic Farming Expert
Julieanna Hever, RD
Bob Ellis, DO, PhD
Scott Stoll, MD
Hans Diehl, MPH
Sal Lacagnina, MD
Columbus Batiste, MD
Michael Klaper, MD
Online course – available anytime, anywhere.
Available 24/7 and streamed on any device, our courses were designed to fit the student’s schedule.
We keep students engaged along the way
Ongoing chef support, interactive quizzes and live online seminars keep our students going strong.
A robust learning management system
Our structured courses and syllabus-driven programs guide students through premium content.
Access to an online community
With more than 650,000 students worldwide we provide an online community that supports our students’ journey.

The results are in

would recommend this course to others
gained confidence in their cooking ability
are now motivated to adopt better overall healthier habits
reported losing weight during the course
reported increased energy after the course