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 by Nancy B.

This course is excellent. I think Fran Costigan is a superb instructor and I learned a lot from her and this course.

 by Astrid W.

This was an excellent course. Fran was very positive in her feedback and very helpful throughout the course. I was very impressed with all the tasks and recipes and feel WAY more confident in what I am doing.

 by Kylee A.

I have learned so much! I have always loved baking but really lacked the knowledge to do many things vegan. I loved the course so much that I have already recommended it to a friend!

 by Gwendoline D.

I already have recommended this course. It's a whole new world from what I grew up with and I have learned in-depth about how foodstuff works together. I am already 98% plant-based and I won't be going back to baking the conventional way either so this is a move towards 99%. I loved it. My dream is to have a plant-based cafe, this is a huge part of what I want to do. Loved it, just loved it.

 by Sofia S.

It has given me a lot of confidence in plant-based desserts and that was exactly was I was looking for to complement my professional career based on only traditional cuisine.

 by Dean T.

I want to thank the Rouxbe staff for adding this course to your already excellent list of programs. I especially want to thank Fran for her excellent recipes and teaching philosophy, I never would have thought that aquafaba could be whipped into a stiff peak. I was also impressed/surprised that each of the desserts were so good! I've been a pescatarian vegetarian for the past ten years but have given little thought to vegan food in any way. This course opened my eyes to the world of ethical and healthy eating.

 by Stella Marie H.

This course has given me the confidence and the knowledge that I have needed to really get more motivated in making more plant-based desserts.  A great continuation after the Forks over Knives course. And thank you for all your help and support throughout this course and all the positive and detailed feedback I received each and every time! The great advice and tips along the way have really been greatly appreciated and will often be used!

 by Larisa D.

Since going vegan, I have discovered a love of cooking I never had previously. After deciding that baking was my desired career path, I knew I wanted to take the Rouxbe course. I do plan on eventually starting my own baking business, and Rouxbe has definitely helped me along!

 by Regina H.

I am truly inspired. Vegan desserts are amazing! Thank you Fran Costigan and Rouxbe!