Explore the world of chocolate in its many forms!

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Beginning with basic chocolate making and use, the course guides you through various types of chocolate creations with multiple preparations, recipes, and presentations. From familiar cookies, pies and cakes made with chocolate, you’ll advance to tortes, truffles and mousse. Display those amazing desserts with fruit and cream accompaniments, or a chocolate sauce, glaze, ganache and syrup.
Introduction to Chocolate 
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Introduction to Chocolate
Basics of quality chocolate | Chocolate staples | Selecting & tasting chocolate varieties
Chocolate Starter Recipes
Preparing to bake with chocolate | Common mixing methods & techniques | Activity: chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate Baked Goods
Chocolate baked goods | Activity: chocolate ganache cake | Selecting & tasting chocolate varieties
Chocolate Confections & Frozen Desserts
Chocolate confections, desserts & accompaniments | Accents for chocolate desserts | Activity: chocolate desserts