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 by Lori U.
I am over the top impressed with my cooking skills now from the course.

I loved, loved, loved the comments and tips from the instructors. It was so informative to have my work assessed in that way. I started to feel like I knew these people and I looked forward to the personal tips they gave me. Char was my favorite and I would like to personally thank her for the tips she gave.

 by Ariane C.

It was a great experience and would do it all over again. It made my cooking more interesting and I now have a deeper sense of fruitful knowledge.

 by Maria M.

It helped me understand several techniques that I did not know, such as how to use a chef's knife correctly, to follow a recipe and make some changes to it,  how to use aromatic herbs, and many more things that now make sense to me in the kitchen.

 by Judith S.

I had started a Food Blog in January that was going to be reviews of cookbooks & recipes based upon my years of reading cookbooks, traveling, eating out, and cooking, only to find how much I didn't know! I searched online & enrolled in the Rouxbe Course, I thought it would be a perfect fit to fill in the gaps of culinary knowledge. 6 months later I am so grateful for the education I received from Rouxbe coupled with my desire to learn culinary techniques and developing kitchen skills that were absent before I took this course. I feel that by completing this course, I am better prepared to write and communicate verbally to describe the flavors, tastes, and textures of food to my blog audience.

 by Michele D.

I have gained a lot of confidence in my skills. Even though I have been cooking for 30 years, I was lacking the fundamental skills needed to be efficient and to produce better flavors. By taking me back to step one, Rouxbe has retrained me and allowed me to correct bad habits and lack of understanding of some basic functions. It has also allowed me to train my ability to look beyond a recipe. I feel like I have developed a better cooking (and baking) instinct.

 by Eduardo F.

I am currently an executive chef and this Rouxbe course has been a great tool for me to teach and improve the cooking techniques of my chefs.

 by Anthony R.

In commercial cooking sometimes you lose why you started cooking in the first place. The ERouxbe course definitely brought my passion back.

 by Delaine S.

I have learned so much from this course and really developed some cooking skills that were sorely lacking. I know I could now work in a professional kitchen and this was NOT true before this class. My confidence has increased tenfold and Rouxbe has inspired me and truly ignited my passion for cooking.

 by Daniel O.

My greatest takeaway from Rouxbe is the importance of Mise en Place. Having ingredients prepared and ready to incorporate into your dish is integral to timing and stress-free cooking.

 by Jacqueline H.

I have loved this experience, I have used so many of the recipes in my little bistro and guests have loved the food! Also, the feedback on my submissions has been very constructive.

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