Mastering Sushi Foundations

Designed to teach the basic skills and knowledge of how to make sushi rolls and nigiri sushi at a professional level
Lifetime access to the course and international Japanese cuisine chefs answering questions
100% online with personalized instructor support and grading
7 Units | 44 Tasks
Certificate of Completion upon graduating
Over 80 technique-focused instructional videos
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Course Details

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How to Learn With Rouxbe
Secrets to Making Tasty Sushi
Sushi Rice
Introduction to Sushi Rice
Which Rice is the Best for Sushi
How to Measure, Cook & Prepare Rice
Science of Cooking Sushi Rice
Seasoning Sushi Rice

Knives & Food Safety
The Difference Between Japanese and Western Knives
How to Hold and Sharpen a Knife
Food Safety & Hygiene

Sushi Grade Fish & Slicing
Understanding Sushi Fish
Buying Sushi Quality Salmon
How to Prepare Salmon for Sushi
Slicing Salmon
Buying & Storing Sushi Quality Tuna
How to Prepare Tuna for Sushi
Sushi Rolls
What is Nori?
Preparation for Hoso-maki Rolls
How to Make Hoso-maki
Inside-out Rolls (California Rolls)
Inside-out Roll Variations

Nigiri Basics
Forming & Handling Sticky Rice
Perfect Steps in Make Nigiri
How to Practice Hand-motion for Nigiri
Plating & Presentation

Course Final Quiz
Final Survey
 Recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation
as an Approved Program for 80 Continuing Education Hours

Meet the founder of the Master of Japanese Cuisine Academy

In 2016, Kazumi Wickenkamp embarked on a journey from Japan to Germany. While working in the healthcare industry, she felt a calling towards her true passion—culinary arts. Witnessing the global surge in popularity of Japanese cuisine, not only in Europe but worldwide, Kazumi recognized a significant gap: a shortage of skilled chefs in Japanese cuisine. Surprised by the lack of educational opportunities in the field, Kazumi conducted thorough research and identified a key issue—limited training avenues for aspiring Japanese chefs. Motivated by a desire to bridge this gap, she redirected her career, becoming an entrepreneur. In 2018, she founded the Master of Japanese Cuisine Academy (MJCA) in collaboration with esteemed Japanese master chefs, including Chief Culinary Officer Hideyuki Takahashi. Kazumi's vision is to make Japanese cuisine training more accessible and affordable, nurturing a new generation of talented chefs passionate about the art of Japanese culinary excellence.
Kazumi Wickenkamp