Wellbeing Program

Help your team eat healthier, save money, and
bring more joy into their kitchen – starting at $2 per employee!
Rouxbe is a team of chef educators and culinarians dedicated to teaching cooking technique to our students around the world - completely online. With an online learning platform that optimizes the learning experience through video, assessments, and instructor interaction, students are able to improve their cooking skills and knowledge anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Give your employees the tools to cook better and eat healthier while they are at home with access to online short lessons, larger courses, and hundreds of recipes. Additionally, they will receive support from renowned chef educators and hands-on assessments to practice their newly developed technique.  With over 700,000 students worldwide Rouxbe provides all you need to learn to cook for your wellbeing:

Online lessons and courses spanning classic and plant-based cuisine
Hundreds of live and pre-recorded events with culinary experts, chefs, physicians and authors
Hundreds of high-quality instructional technique videos
Rouxbe-developed video and text-only recipes, including 400+ plant-based dishes
Company-wide access to Rouxbe starting at just $2 per employee

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