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About Rouxbe


Founded in 2005, Rouxbe ("ROO-bee") is the world's leading online cooking school. Rouxbe offers instructor-guided certification cooking courses for cooks of all levels using intuitive learning technology. Courses can be taken on demand, at your own pace. Rouxbe can be found in the kitchens of homes, schools, restaurants and professional culinary academies in over 180 countries.

Our Mission

To transform the way the world cooks, eats and lives.

Why was Rouxbe Created?

To wake up your cooking brain! We believe that millions of motivated cooks have been misled to believe that recipes alone will make them better cooks. This is simply not true. Each year, hundreds of millions of cookbooks are sold—and quickly abandoned after being opened. Few seem to realize that learning the techniques behind recipes is the most effective way to learn to cook: the way the pros learn. We created Rouxbe to disrupt this thinking and take a stand to help the world eat better.*

What It Costs

Rouxbe is a member-only culinary community for motivated home and professional cooks. There is a one-time initiation fee of $299.95 USD that will provide students with full access to the entire site. In addition, students are charged a recurring $4.95 charge on a monthly basis for as long as they would like access to Rouxbe's content and service (some take longer to complete their studies than others). You can cancel at anytime.

Our Team

Our team is made up of professional cooking school instructors, instructional designers, technology experts, film and TV veterans, and a proven team of successful Internet entrepreneurs and advisors that are passionate about building the best instructional cooking site on the web. Click here to meet them.

*This includes our students and the the hunger relief efforts we support.