Urban Farming: Learn to Grow your Own Food

Join Rouxbe Founders as they dig up the back yard to explore the world of urban gardening in this flipped-classroom approach to content development. Ask questions alongside Rouxbe staff as we bring in some of the world's top urban gardeners to learn everything they know about growing your own food.

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Learn to Grow Your Own Food

Our roots are in teaching people to cook better, and we thought we'd share our interest in growing food as well. Growing food is a critical part of what we want to do with Rouxbe as a way to get people cooking healthier food.

Learn about gardening and about how to grow your own food with us as our team takes on this new and exciting challenge of transforming a yard or garden space, into a full production garden space, from scratch.

This inaugural class will have a unique opportunity for students to weigh-in as part of a collaborative learning community to help us shape the learning experience. As a participant, you will be able to ask questions, and follow alongside Rouxbe staff as they explore the tricks of the trade from some of the world's leading gardeners, most of it delivered directly from the garden of Rouxbe's founders. Participants can follow along in real-time in their own gardens, share their experiences with our global learner community, and even attend live video sessions with Rouxbe staff and experts.

This is a course for anyone who wants to learn more about growing food or urban gardening or those who care about the importance of access to fresh foods. Join us at Rouxbe as we plant deeper roots along a path to better cooking.

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