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Who's Using Rouxbe?
  • Home cooks that want to learn to cook better (beginner to advanced)
  • Professional cooking schools as a teaching resource for students
  • High school culinary instructors from Canada to Australia
  • Training staff from hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, even the Marines
  • Sales staff for food and beverage-related companies

Thank-you-girl-with-friends Successfully completed my first dinner party with ease. Thanks Rouxbe!

Tony-testimonial We've integrated Rouxbe video into our professional cook training curriculum.

Dad-and-kids My kids love Rouxbe video and are now helping out in the kitchen.

Grocery-store-manager We use Rouxbe to train our store managers so they can better help our customers.

Restaurant-manager Our kitchen staff all use Rouxbe to hone their skills.

Culinary-student Rouxbe is a resource that we can go back to over and over again, unlike a demo.

90% of Cooking Club members - many with decades of cooking experience and culinary degrees - told us that Rouxbe helped them to become better cooks.

Betsy Wray, Executive Director, Cooking Club of America

Rouxbe is truly the best online cooking school we've seen.

Joe Weidert, Editor-in-Chief, Delight Magazine

It is the best site I have seen for clear, concise cooking video demos.

Andrew Hewson, Chef Instructor, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Rouxbe has done more for my cooking skills than any book, TV show, or evening class I have taken.

Carol Petersen, Rouxbe Student

Far better than local cooking classes I've attended at real culinary schools for a fraction of the price.

Jeffrey Beck, Product Tester, Cooking Club of America

84% of product testers said Rouxbe provided more or the same instructional value as in-person cooking classes they have attended.

Survey of 4,217 Cooking Club product testers

Rouxbe has created an exceptional culinary training tool that can reach aspiring chefs on a scale not previously thought possible.

Marcus Samuelsson, Award-winning author and chef

Never in my four decades of culinary education have I seen a resource with Rouxbe's potential to transform the way students learn.

Richard Grausman, C-CAP Founder, culinary educator, cookbook author, and James Beard Award Winner.

Hands-down, Rouxbe is the best online solution for cooks of every level to learn independently.

Kathleen Flinn, Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and best-selling author of The Kitchen Counter Cooking School and The Sharper Your Knife the Less You Cry.

My absolute favorite website... it's a fantastic online cooking course and recipe website.

Co-host Jason Bradbury of the hit UK show 'The Gadget Show'

There is no better online resource for learning and practicing cooking skills and techniques than Rouxbe.

Chef Robert LeCrom, Executive Chef, The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

I am a graduate of the CIA and in just one day I have learn numerous facts, pointers and tips that I didn't learn in school or in 30+ years in the food service industry.

Michael M, Rouxbe Student

Rouxbe's instructional cooking videos are so important that we've integrated them into our professional cook training curriculum.

Tony Minichiello, Chef Instructor, Northwest Culinary Academy

I strongly recommend Rouxbe to organizations, schools, or individuals looking for a best-of-class online culinary learning.

Ken Bye, Manager Loblaw Learning Stores

I am French culinary school graduate (Ecole Ferrandi in Paris), I currently work at the Ritz Carlton in St. Louis. I think it's is the best way to learn new or add to existing knowledge.

Terry B, Rouxbe Student

For me, Rouxbe, is one of the best, if not the best example of the use of video in learning, so even if you don't like cooking, you should take a look at this site.

Jane Hart, eLearning Consultant

I was a cook for 15 years and I considered myself somewhat advanced. But I have learned so much from your videos, tips, and discussion board.

Victoria K, Rouxbe Student

So you finally find yourself online looking for instructional cooking videos. There are a lot of them out there, but among the best, maybe THE very best, are those at Rouxbe.com.

Evan Kleiman, KCRW Good Food

Rouxbe Has Seriously Impressive Cooking Videos!


I am so amazed with your cooking school. I have cooked for over 45 years and yesterday is the first time I pan-fried in a stainless steel pan without the meat sticking.

Janet H, Rouxbe Student

Although I am a student at Le Cordon Bleu I find Rouxbe is a great site for my additional knowledge. There are so many things that I can't get in details from LCB classes! Well Done!

Tum P, Bangkok, Thailand

I always wanted to join a cooking school but I found most of them quite intimidating. Your videos allow me to practice at home and experiment without feeling under pressure!

Ruth M, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Rouxbe is clearly an effective learning program for novices and advanced cooks alike.

Betsy Wray, Executive Director, Cooking Club of America