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It's time to change healthcare from disease care to true healthcare with a food-first approach to medicine.

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Foundational online cooking and nutrition instruction for anyone that needs to move to a more health-supportive way of cooking and eating.

Rouxbe is not just an instructional cooking site, it's a new resource for progressive physicians and healthcare professionals who believe that food can play a powerful role in transforming the health and wellness of our ailing planet. For patients, it's an instructor guided cooking path to better health.
Introducing The Rouxbe Medical and Wellness Board
Scott Stoll, MD
Scott Stoll, MD
Neal Barnard, MD
Neal Barnard, MD
David Huneycutt, MD
David Huneycutt, MD
Julie Briley, ND
Julie Briley, ND
Michael Klaper, MD
Michael Klaper, MD
John La Puma, MD
John La Puma, MD
Michael Greger, MD
Michael Greger, MD
What is Culinary Rx?

Culinary Rx is not just a course. It's a movement to redefine healthcare - to shift the focus to a food-first approach to medicine.

At its core, Culinary Rx is an online cooking and nutritional course that healthcare professionals can prescribe to patients that need to transition away from a Standard American Diet to a more health-supportive, whole foods, plant-based lifestyle. It's also coupled with a medical study component that aims to deliver ongoing clinical research around the benefits of cooking and nutrition education.

In partnership with The Plantrician Project, this course will focus on teaching the foundational cooking skills needed for long-term behavioral change, coupled with lifestyle education around nutrition and resources that will help users successfully face the many challenges inherent to dietary change.

“Our current system is rewarding the management of disease, while not rewarding prevention and prescriptions for dietary change," says Stoll. "This has to change, because the current model is unsustainable - there is a better way when we take a food first approach, which is exactly what our Culinary Rx will provide: food first, medication second."

What makes Culinary Rx different?

This is a cooking skills-development and lifestyle tool designed to assist healthcare professionals in helping their patients or clients successfully transition to a predominantly or exclusive plant-based diet.

Culinary Rx is also much more than just a cooking and nutrition course. It is a comprehensive online program where healthcare professionals can:

  • ● create patient accounts
  • ● monitor participant progress and engagement levels
  • ● provide their patients with external health and culinary support
  • ● track pre-defined healthcare metrics
  • ● access ongoing research results from the Culinary Rx study
  • ● communicate with their patients via pre-coded points of communications on the Rouxbe platform

The entire program, and all instruction, is managed and delivered by Rouxbe.

Who is Culinary Rx for?

1. People who have a health NEED:

People that need to change their diet due to a pre-existing health condition, or have a strong desire to re-chart their health through better food and nutrition literacy and cooking decisions but don't know how to get started. They need a guide.

2. Healthcare professionals:

Many healthcare professionals want to offer their patients or clients lifestyle medicine and dietary intervention advice but don't have the time or expertise to help their patients/clients make the transition to healthier eating. Instead, they will simply prescribe Culinary Rx to their patients and let Rouxbe do the rest.

3. Companies that want to improve employee health & wellness:

While not the core focus of this initial crowd-funding effort, Culinary Rx can be fully co-branded to provide in-house culinary wellness programs for employees.

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