Dr. Scott Stoll Joins Rouxbe Cooking School as Chief Medical Director

Rouxbe Cooking School is strengthening its efforts in the health and wellness offerings by welcoming Dr. Scott Stoll, the co-founder of The Plantrician Project and International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference, as Chief Medical Director. In his new role, he will be instrumental in helping Rouxbe forge new partnerships with health and wellness professionals and organizations around the world who are seeking out leading food-first resources that help patients take control of their life and well-being with food.

Dr. Scott Stoll
Dr. Scott Stoll

Dr. Stoll, a champion of lifestyle and behavioral medicine, and an advocate for plant-based approaches to eating, was previously a member of Rouxbe’s Medical Advisory Board that contributed to the initial launch of Culinary Rx —a prescribable online course designed to help people transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle. Building on this success, he will now shift his time and energy towards educating and creating awareness about the unique learning opportunities and resources that Rouxbe can offer for patients and providers alike. Dr. Stoll will also provide medical and nutrition support to Rouxbe’s students, through weekly live online question and answer events and other online support features.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join the team at Rouxbe Cooking School. They have a vision and the online platform that I know will help bridge the gap between what we all know we need to eat, and how to actually cook those foods and make them taste delicious. It’s about empowering the lifestyle and behaviors that I know, as a physician, will really create the context for long-term behavioral change,” said Stoll. “With Culinary Rx and other online resources we will be developing, we now have the means to support people in new ways—all driven by data to show efficacy and positive, measurable impact.”

Dr. Stoll is an active participant in the movement to help educate and inform healthcare professionals about the importance of healthful eating and to encourage people to develop the cooking skills to support a prevention-minded approach to better wellness. He served on the Whole Foods Scientific Medical Advisory Board and continues to offer immersion programs for Whole Foods Market employees.

His leadership at The Plantrician Project and the International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference has afforded him the unique ability to connect with and mentor healthcare professionals and their patients from around the world—creating a ripple effect that enriches the lives of individuals and communities alike.

“Dr. Stoll will help Rouxbe lead the charge to connect the dots between food, nutrition, cooking, and our health. With his leadership and Rouxbe’s online educational platform and programs, we will be able to serve the health and wellness communities in unprecedented ways,” said Joe Girard, Co-founder and CEO of Rouxbe.

Dr. Stoll joins an already impressive team at Rouxbe that includes Ken Rubin, VP Culinary Education and former IACP Board Member, Gary Apito, VP Operations and former COO and President of French Culinary Institute and Chef Chad Sarno, VP Plant-Based Wellness.

“With Rouxbe having now served over 200,000 students across 180 countries, we continue to see strong growth not only in our online wellness programs, but in all areas of online culinary education, including professional cook training in over 230 hotels in 4 languages. The future looks very bright for Rouxbe,” concluded Joe Girard.

About Rouxbe’s Wellness Programs
Rouxbe (pronounced “ROO-bee”) provides wellness and health programming for individuals, health care providers and organizations. Rouxbe’s revolutionary online platform delivers cutting edge e-learning solutions that drive and measure learning outcomes and engagement while providing effective, lower-cost alternatives for teaching people the fundamentals of cooking as part of larger lifestyle and preventative health efforts. For more information on culinary wellness or to learn more about Rouxbe, please contact Joe Girard, Co-Founder and CEO at jgirard@rouxbe.com.