Google Selects the Rouxbe Online Cooking School as a Strategic Launch Partner for Google Helpouts

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 Vancouver, B.C

Need some cooking help? Google has announced a new search feature called Helpouts, a revolutionary way for people to get help online. While we couldn’t announce until now, Google selected Rouxbe to be one of only a select few culinary experts featured during their global debut.

Google Helpouts makes it easier for people to get personalized help by giving them direct access ─ over live video ─ to individuals and businesses with expertise across multiple topics. Helpouts allows people to get help whenever they need it and wherever they are, through desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Rouxbe is excited to expand our engagement with people who need cooking advice and to share the knowledge of our culinary experts with people all over the world. With Helpouts, people get real-time support – to troubleshoot a recipe, learn a new technique, build a kid-friendly lunchbox, or plan a holiday meal.

The Google Helpouts announcement marks the third time a major technology company has selected Rouxbe as a showcase launch partner, further reinforcing its position as a culinary leader in the food technology space. Having been selected by Apple for the initial iPad release, and later by Microsoft for the Windows 8.1 release in 17 languages, Helpouts now reveals another facet of Rouxbe’s online presence in culinary instruction.

Check out the Helpouts video here: