Waldorf Astoria Hotel In New York Selects Rouxbe Cooking School to Train Chefs

For over a century, The Waldorf Astoria New York has set the standard in culinary excellence. Whether it’s pioneering the concept of social dining, or inventing modern-day classics such as the Waldorf Salad, they have always shaped new trends, rather than follow them. Their culinary teams consistently push the boundaries of food preparation, and deliver dining experiences that create unforgettable memories for their guests. At the heart of this effort stands their culinary team – built by recruiting the very best talent, and sharpened by an industry-leading training program.

To carry on this tradition of excellence, The Waldorf Astoria New York has partnered with the Rouxbe Online Cooking School to provide their chefs with access to their very own, technology-driven culinary school, complete with premium instructional cooking videos, a 21st century curriculum platform, and an assessment architecture that help cooks develop and master their craft.

As part of the training, participating cooks take online lessons and then have to complete a variety of assessments such as interactive quizzes and instructor-submitted assignments which are graded by Rouxbe Chefs. They also have to perform a variety of practical exercises, from demonstrating their knife skills, to making a french omelet, cooking pasta, risotto, chicken medallions, and hollandaise sauce. Practical exercises are conducted in the Waldorf kitchens and then presented to the Chef for grading using iPad grading tools with formal grading criteria. In total, cooks complete around 50 hours of coursework as a complement to their on-the-job roles. They then earn a “Certificate of Culinary Arts” upon graduation.

“I am convinced that the Rouxbe Online Cooking School is the future of culinary education and training,” says Chef David Garcelon, Director of Culinary at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC.



About Rouxbe’s Professional Training Programs

Rouxbe is equipped to provide certificate-level instruction not only to consumers, but also to quality restaurants and hotels, like the Waldorf Astoria in New York, the JW Marriott in San Antonio, Texas, and many other premium food service organizations. Rouxbe’s revolutionary online platform can now deliver cutting edge e-learning solutions that drive, and more effectively measure learning outcomes while providing viable, lower-cost alternatives for training professional cooks.

If you are looking for professional training tools for your staff and are interested in learning more about Rouxbe, please contact Joe Girard (Co-Founder) at jgirard [@] rouxbe.com.