Rouxbe partners with non-profit Kitchens for Good to provide online courses for apprenticeship program

May 20, 2020

Currently, culinary apprentices have access to Rouxbe courses to ensure no break in education while social distance efforts are in place

Rouxbe, the world’s leading online culinary school, announced today they have partnered with Kitchens for Good, a non-profit organization with the goal of breaking the cycle of food waste, poverty, and hunger through workforce training, healthy food production and social enterprise. Rouxbe will provide online training for Kitchens For Good current culinary apprentices.

“Kitchens for Good is an incredible organization that provides so many resources to the San Diego community through food,” said Ken Rubin, Chief Culinary Officer at Rouxbe. “We pride ourselves on being able to help culinary students continue their education online during these uncertain times, and beyond. ” 

Through this partnership, Kitchens for Good apprentices will receive access to Rouxbe Culinary Foundations, along with Plant-based Foundations, Seafood Literacy and Waste Not!, a course in partnership with the James Beard Foundation. 

“The world is changing, and the needs of the food industry are quickly changing, too, but the basics of culinary education are the same: mother sauces, nutrition, technique, seasonings—the foundations are all accessible through Rouxbe,” said Lindsey Seegers, Director of Culinary Programs at Kitchens For Good.  “Rouxbe is also helping to enhance our apprentices’ computer literacy, all the more setting them up for future success.”

In addition, Kitchens For Good is providing ongoing Rouxbe memberships for apprentices, even after their workforce training is completed. This provides apprentices with ongoing access to ACF-certified continuing education.  These tools will help them be more competitive in the job market, with upward mobility in their culinary careers. 

Rouxbe’s goal-setting feature is especially in line with Kitchens for Good’s value of equipping people to envision their own potential. Allie Grzybowski, a current apprentice in the Kitchens For Good program, earned a 97% in her Rouxbe Culinary Foundations course. “My goal is to complete Kitchens for Good’s apprenticeship and enroll in an online school to earn an Bachelor’s of Science in Food & Nutrition,” she said. 

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