About us

The future of cooking

With brick and mortar culinary schools closing their doors around the world, online learning is becoming the new industry standard for those seeking to learn foundational culinary technique. With high definition videos, world-class instructors, peer support and interactive assignments Rouxbe has set the bar as the new standard in culinary education since 2005. We train hundreds of thousands of cooks in 180 countries, and we are just getting started.

Rouxbe has created an exceptional culinary training tool that can reach aspiring chefs on a scale not previously thought possible.

Marcus Samuelsson

Student-centric mindset

With a team made up of former presidents, chief operating officers, school administrators and lead instructors of brick and mortar professional schools, serving our students is a way of life at Rouxbe. We are highly-focused on bringing you the best training available – and it is completely online. Whether you are a home cook, culinary student, professional chef, nutritionist or someone in between, we have something for you.

The story behind the name

In 2005, we set out to capture the curriculum of a professional culinary school, in high-definition video, and deliver it online to home and professional cooks across the world. Originally, we built a touch screen driven device (basically an iPad before it existed) and called it "Ruby". Ruby was your "in-kitchen friend" to guide you to cooking success and better health. Interestingly enough, few investors thought that anyone would buy a piece of hardware and then pay for content. Go figure! We dropped the hardware component and focused on developing premium instructional content that was available completely online and that's when Rouxbe was born. Sorry, Ruby. (Not really.)  

ROUX – [pronounced "roo"] is a transformative mixture used in classic cooking to turn a liquid into a soup or sauce. 

BE – to live or exist
Together, it's about transforming how you live.
Educating home cooks, professional chefs, nutritionists, health coaches and everyone in between to become better cooks, or to help someone else to. 
Providing a world-class culinary training program for kitchen staff that meets the needs, schedule and budget of the client. Take your staff to the next level.
Providing a cooking and nutrition course for healthcare professionals and corporations to offer patients or employees to transition to a healthier lifestyle. 

Meet our dedicated team

Lindsey Neidig
Vice President of Marketing 
Adam O'Connor 
Chief Technology Officer
Joe Girard
CEO | Co-Founder 
Scott Samuel
Director of Culinary Enterprise
Autumn Starr Gray
Director of Sales
Ken Rubin
Chief Culinary Officer
Dawn Thomas
Content Creator | Co-Founder 
Eric Wynkoop 
Director of Culinary Instruction
Patrick Britton
Director of Post Production 
Heather Dannels
Director of Marketing
Gary Apito
Chief Operating Officer
Holly Snell
Daniela Tovar
Director of Media Production
John McDonald
Chief Strategy Officer
Jon Alberts
Vice President of Enrollment & Student Support
Chad Sarno
Plant-Based Ambassador
Lauren Lewis
Chef Instructor
Fran Costigan 
Director of Vegan Baking & Pastry Arts
Kobe Raypole
DeAnn Herringshaw
Student Support Specialist 
Shoshanah Zimmer
Student Support Specialist
Spencer Raypole
Senior Developer
Tom Halligan 
Director of Sales 
Christophe Kwiatkowsky
Culinary Instructor | Consultant

Our investors and advisors

Yves Potvin
Investor | Board Member
Stewart Butterfield
Investor | Advisor
Scott Staff
Business Development Advisor
Warren Carr
Investor | Production Advisor

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