Plant-Based Professional Certification Course

Led by world-renowned plant-based chef educator Chad Sarno, this ground-breaking certification course is the most comprehensive plant-based course ever put together. We're teaching an ARMY of plant-based educators to take the world by storm. Dare to accept the challenge and join us?

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High Level Overview

A 5,000 foot high view of this comprehensive plant-based course.

Part 1: Setting Yourself up for Success

The course starts right away to get you cooking delicious plant-based foods at home.  We begin with a quick guide for shopping and equipment so you can stock your kitchen with the ingredients and tools needed to be successful in this course.  Once you get set, the course will review some basics of plant-based nutrition and debunk some misconceptions around plant-based diets.

17 hours | 9 lessons | 8 videos | 4 assessments

Part 2: Foundational Cooking Methods

Anyone who cooks, or who wants to teach others to cook, needs to start with the basics. Foundational instruction in knife use and care lays a base for further skills development and practice. In addition to comprehensive lessons in moist and dry cooking methods, the basics of vegetable, legume and grain cookery will be addressed.  Kitchen basics, such as base recipes, soups and condiments will also be explored.

25 hours | 24 lessons | 20 videos | 8 assessments

Part 3: Diving Deeper into Technique

As you move through the course, you will begin to dive deeper into techniques and expand your repertoire. With more confidence you will be able to work on building and developing flavors so you can create delicious dishes that appeal to the senses. Through careful balance and layering, you’ll also learn how to use a variety of herbs and spices to enhance plant-based staple recipes.

30 hours | 21 lessons | 23 videos | 12 assessments

Part 4: Specialty Diets & Meal Plans

Building a solid core of foundational skills and techniques, the realm of special diets and cooking for specific nutritional requirements can be addressed. This includes instruction in the culinary techniques for oil, salt and sugar restricted and gluten free diets. Overall awareness around meal planning for wellness-centered dietary plans is also covered.

18 hours | 13 lessons | 30 videos | 8 assessments

Part 5: Advanced Technique & Recipe Development

Advanced techniques and a full introduction to raw gastronomy, including dehydrating, fermenting, and sprouting, form the capstone of this course. In addition to a plant-based global world tour of ingredients and flavors, you will learn about fresh pasta and noodle making, hand production of plant-based meat alternatives, such as seitan, and an array of dairy alternatives. Entertaining and cooking for a crowd is also addressed, so you can be prepared to showcase your cooking to friends, guests, or clients.

30 hours | 31 lessons | 40 videos | 10 assessments

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