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Rouxbe & Chad Sarno Assembling an Army of Plant-Based Cooks to Change the World

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Nov 28, 2013

Rouxbe announces new Plant-Based Professional Certification Course. With this course we switch gears from a focus on the casual, yet serious home cook, to the professional cook that wants to develop their skills and knowledge to lead industry and global wellness change.

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Waldorf Astoria Hotel In New York Selects Rouxbe Cooking School to Train Chefs

Vancouver, B.C. — Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013

The Waldorf Astoria New York has partnered with the Rouxbe Online Cooking School to provide their chefs with access to their very own, technology-driven culinary school, complete with premium instructional cooking videos, a 21st century curriculum platform, and an assessment architecture that help cooks develop and master their craft.

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Rouxbe Announces Wellness Advisory Board

Vancouver, B.C. — Friday, Nov 8, 2013

Today Rouxbe takes a GIANT leap forward with the introduction of our formal medical and wellness advisory board. Some of the world's leading medical and nutrition experts have joined forces with Rouxbe to pair food and cooking with science and nutrition.

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Google Selects the Rouxbe Online Cooking School as a Strategic Launch Partner for Google Helpouts

Vancouver, B.C. — Wednesday, Nov 6, 2013

Need some cooking help? Google has announced a new search feature called Helpouts, a revolutionary way for people to get help online. While we couldn't announce until now, Google selected Rouxbe to be one of only a select few culinary experts featured during their global debut.

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Rouxbe Inks Deal with Microsoft to Provide Cooking Technique Videos for the Bing Food and Drink App Release

Vancouver, B.C. — Friday, Oct 18, 2013

Rouxbe Online Cooking School is pleased to announce that it has signed a content partnership deal with Microsoft Corporation to be one of its culinary video launch partners for the Bing Food & Drink App. Launched yesterday, Windows 8.1 consumers will now be able to go to cooking school to learn new culinary techniques from the comfort of their very own home, anytime of the day.

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Buzz Learning to Cook at Home With the Rouxbe Cooking School

Vancouver, B.C. - Thursday, October 17, 2013

Popular blog My Golden Apron says the Rouxbe Cooking School has "added on so much to my existing knowledge as a home chef" and believes that "learning the techniques behind each recipe is the most effective way to learn how to cook."

We couldn't agree more, Golden Apron! Thank you!

Read full post here

Renowned Plant-Based Chef & Educator, Chad Sarno, Joins Rouxbe

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Sep 19, 2013

Rouxbe is excited to welcome Chad Sarno to the team. In his role as Director of Plant-Based Education, Chad will help Rouxbe expand the scope and reach of its plant-based cooking courses and health and wellness initiatives. Most recently, the senior culinary educator for Whole Foods Market's Healthy Eating Program, Chad brings over 15 years of health-focused culinary and educational experience to Rouxbe.

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Mealku Partners with Rouxbe Online Cooking School to Provide Members with World-Class Culinary Training

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Sep 5, 2013

Mealku is the member-based food-sharing network that's been featured in publications like The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and, The Rouxbe Online Cooking School (pronounced Roo-bee) which trains home and professional cooks in over 175 countries, including budding chefs at the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC, today announces an exciting partnership that promises to reshape food education and food services for years to come.

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Professional Culinary Schools Supplement Face-to-Face Instruction With Online Education from Rouxbe

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Jul 11, 2013

Rouxbe is pleased to announce agreements with three professional culinary schools—Cascade Culinary Institute (CCI), Oregon Culinary Institute and Culinary Institute of Charleston. All three schools will begin with a small cohort of students, with Oregon Culinary Institute and Culinary Institute of Charleston set to expand the program to all their students in fall 2013.

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What's Cooking? A New Collaboration Between Rouxbe and Slow Food USA

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Jun 20, 2013

We're excited to announce a collaboration with Slow Food USA to get people back in their kitchens. For those of you not familiar with it, Slow Food USA is the US chapter of an international movement that, as they say on their website, "links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment." As a result of the partnership, Slow Food USA members have had the opportunity to crunch their way through Rouxbe's online courses. That's not all- we plan to work together to develop a new course to directly appeal to Slow Food USA's audience in the future.

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Introducing Rouxbe Short Courses (priced from $29 to $49 USD)

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Jun 6, 2013

Lately, we have received a lot of feedback that you want shorter, more condensed courses that help you tackle your culinary learning one bite at a time. In response, we're pleased to introduce a whole slew of short cooking courses. Want to dive deep into knife skills? No problem. Interested in cooking premium steaks? We've got it covered. Get all the details here!

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Buzz Chooses Rouxbe as #1 Cooking School

Vancouver, B.C. - Wednesday, May 15, 2013 says Rouxbe is: "Reasonably priced, and stocked with a library of excellent recipes, this would be my first choice for an online culinary education."

Read full post here.

Buzz Rouxbe Gives the Courage to Give Anything a Try in the Kitchen

Vancouver, B.C. - Friday, May 10, 2013

" says Rouxbe is:"the next-best-thing to canning my career as an almost-foodie and going to culinary school. Thanks to Rouxbe, we now have the building block skills to carry us through even the most complex recipes I come across in my bedtime reading and- more importantly- the courage to give anything a try". Read full post here

Rouxbe Disrupts Culinary Education, Launches Breakthrough Online Cooking Courses

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Feb 21, 2013

Rouxbe has launched the first-ever online instructor-guided certification cooking courses with an innovative new learning platform that makes the path to better cooking accessible to any skill level, anywhere, on demand. ROUXBE.COM

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Veteran Chef Educator & Food Anthropologist Joins Rouxbe

Vancouver, B.C. — Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012

Rouxbe is thrilled to announce our newest team member, Ken Rubin, Vice President of Culinary Training. His core role will be to oversee our cooking course curriculum development along with recruiting (and leading) the world's best culinary instructors for our online training programs.

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Rouxbe Announces Pre-Sale of New Cooking Courses (to be Launched January 14, 2013)

Vancouver, B.C. — Friday, Dec 14, 2012

Wake up your cooking brain! Get ready to explore a higher level of cooking creativity: Rouxbe's new cooking courses arrive January 14th, 2013! But starting today, you can guarantee your seat in any of our new available courses that you choose by purchasing in advance.

Note: Existing Rouxbe Lifetime students have a guaranteed seat, at no additional cost, in any of the courses of their choosing.

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New Instructors: Upcoming Classes Bring Nutrition to the Table

Vancouver, B.C. — Wednesday, Jun 20, 2012

Rouxbe announces the addition of Barb Thomas and Christina Acevedo to the instructional team. Barb and Christina, seasoned chefs and nutiritonists with expertise in whole foods education, are dedicated to helping everyone better understand the consequences and opportunities present in the foods they buy, cook and eat.

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Welcome Najat Kaanache! Rouxbe Attracts World Class Talent and She's on a Mission.

Vancouver, B.C. — Monday, Jun 18, 2012

Rouxbe announces the addition of Najat Kaanache to the Instructional Team. Najat has trained with some of the world's most influential chefs, including working at El Bulli during its last two historic years. She brings to Rouxbe her expertise and passion for reaching the creative spirit in all people through the magic of cooking.

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Announcing: Rouxbe Partners with Kathleen Flinn to Provide Innovative Online Cooking Lessons

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Sep 22, 2011

Online cooking school innovator Rouxbe Cooking School has teamed up with best-selling author Kathleen Flinn (The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry) to offer online video cooking lessons as a companion to her highly anticipated book The Kitchen Counter Cooking School: How a Few Simple Lessons Transformed Nine Culinary Novices into Fearless Home Cooks (Viking/Penguin, publish date October 3, 2011).

“Hands-down, Rouxbe is the best online solution for cooks of every level to learn independently, and on any device, which truly means that any kitchen counter can become a private cooking school,” Flinn said.

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Announcing: C-CAP Partners with the Rouxbe Cooking School

Vancouver, B.C. — Wednesday, Aug 24, 2011

Careers through Culinary Arts Program and the Rouxbe Cooking School Enhance Students’ Culinary Education and Address Teachers’ Needs with Pioneering Online Partnership

“This partnership will have a tremendous impact on any student considering a culinary career,” says Chef Marcus Samuelsson.

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Buzz Instructional Video — and More — with Rouxbe

Here’s what I love about the videos:

They’re short, focused, and extremely practical. When they explain something that can’t be easily seen, like the molecules in a metal pan moving around in response to increased heat, they find a clever way to demonstrate it (like putting peppercorns in the pan to show motion). The navigation makes it super-easy to jump around… yay for demanding learners like me!

Rouxbe goes further than just providing tutorial videos, though. I’m particularly impressed by the way...

Click Here to read this post.

Rouxbe Powering Video Training at Farestart

Vancouver, B.C. — Monday, May 9, 2011

Rouxbe enters into an training agreement to provide online instructional video access to all culinary instructors and students in the Farestart program across the United States.

To learn more about Farestart, view their James Beard video here.

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Buzz Rouxbe: How-to Web Video At Its Best

Vancouver, B.C. - May 5, 2011

Upon viewing Rouxbe videos, a few things should stand out. First, the image quality is top notch from the lighting and focus to the framing of shots and the styling of the food. The sound is clean. It exudes professionalism and that builds confidence in their product. The script is tight and to the point. The voice over is warm, assured and easy to understand. Music is added to set the tone. The editing, too, is tight, with every shot giving new and useful information. Finally, it is short."

Read full post here.

Buzz Delight Magazine calls Rouxbe “a Gem of a Cooking School"

"Rouxbe is truly the best online cooking school we’ve seen." Joe Weidert, Editor-in-Chief, Delight Magazine Click here to read the full article.

Announcing: Rouxbe Cooking School Partners with

Vancouver, B.C. — Wednesday, Jul 28, 2010

Exciting news for Rouxbe! We might be small in scale but we’re strong on instructional cooking video content and today we are very pleased to announce that we’ve officially partnered with the largest recipe site in the world –

View Press Release Selects Rouxbe and Showcases iPad Readiness Alongside World Leading Sites

Vancouver, B.C. — Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rouxbe was selected by and on, as one of premier iPad-Ready sites at the launch of the iPad. In fact, Rouxbe was the only food related site on the Internet featured by Apple. Thanks Apple!

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Buzz Startup Spotlight on Features Rouxbe Cooking School

Editors note from VentureBeat: Every week, VentureBeat sifts through scores of companies applying to be promoted and profiles the best one. Rouxbe was selected for the week of September 17th, 2009 as part of Entrepreneurs Corner.

Instructional video sites like Howcast and 5min are becoming more and more popular these days, offering short visual guides for a variety of tasks ranging from fixing a bicycle to breaking up with your boyfriend. Not surprisingly, many of them also contain cooking categories, teaching users how to make specific dishes. Rouxbe (pronounced like ruby) takes this idea a few steps further, providing a video curriculum that actually teaches you to become a competent cook, complete with recipe drills, quizzes and progress tracking.

Click here to read the article.

Buzz Rouxbe is Selected as Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day!

"For me, Rouxbe, is one of the best, if not the best example of the use of video in learning, so even if you don't like cooking, you should take a look at this site." Jane Hart.

Click here to read the full post.

Jane Hart is a Social Media and Learning Consultant and has a 25-year track record of helping business and education understand how new technologies can be used for learning as well as to improve job and business performance and implement them successfully in their organizations.

Buzz Best Online Learn to Cook Resource | Rouxbe Featured on the Gadget Show

Rouxbe was just featured on the Gadget Show - a Channel 5 TV program out of the UK - as one of the best online learn to cook resource sites. Here is a short clip from the full length program:

Watch video here.

"My absolute favorite website... it's a fantastic online cooking course and recipe website", says Co-host Jason Bradbury of the hit show the Gadget Show.

Nice to see Rouxbe topping the charts in the UK...

Portland Farmers Market and the Rouxbe Cooking School Partner to Offer Shoppers Online Lessons on How to Cook

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Jul 30, 2009

Portland, Ore., July 23, 2009 - The Portland Farmers Market and the Rouxbe (pronounced roo-bee) Cooking School have partnered to offer market-goers a 90-day free membership to the world's first-ever online cooking school.

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Buzz Top 15 Social Media Resources for Foodies

Rouxbe in top 15 Social Media Resource site list and in top 6 for the "Cooking Category".

Rouxbe is an online cooking school and video recipe library, offering a large collection of how-to videos covering both basic and advanced cooking techniques and entire recipes. What really sets Rouxbe apart from other food video blogs is the production value and amazing video player.

Click here to read the full post.

Buzz Lifehacker: Top 10 How-to Cooking Videos

Rouxbe, a high-resolution, seriously detailed food tutorial site, is sponsored by the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, and it shows in the step-by-step nature of their videos. Their "Drill-down" on mincing and crushing garlic offers a great close-up view of what a knife should be doing when the recipe calls for either of those things...

Click here to read the full post..

Erin Hakansson from Conde Nast Joins Rouxbe as Deal Advisor

Vancouver, B.C. — Monday, Apr 6, 2009

Erin has been a driving force in shaping the corporate development and M&A strategy for Conde Nast's interactive division, which includes the brands Epicurious, Wired, Style and Concierge. Erin will help Rouxbe begin to scale by reaching out to premium food and beverage-related companies who are looking to leverage premium web video content.

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Flickr Co-Founder Stewart Butterfield, Invests and Joins Advisory Team

Vancouver, B.C. — Sunday, Mar 22, 2009

Rouxbe has attracted top tier talent from almost every key discipline required to drive a company to excellence. Stewart adds the one missing ingredient ? a proven track record for building highly scalable, user-driven sites, that lead online categories. His expertise will help transition Rouxbe into a company to watch in the online food space.

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Buzz Interview with Dawn Thomas for Cahoots Online Magazine

Charmian Christie, food and travel writer, interviews Dawn Thomas (Co-Founder and Voice of Rouxbe) for Cahoots online magazine.

Click here for full interview.

Buzz CJGW: 10 examples of smarter customer focus is technically a site for people who want to prepare great meals and love food. However that is not its beauty. They use video better than just about anyone else out there. Their detours provide the right amount of education without overkill ? such as selecting and cleaning morels (a type of mushroom). It is a beautiful well-thought out approach to cooking....

Click here to read the full article

Buzz Rouxbe Has Seriously Impressive Cooking Videos

"...What makes these videos impressive is the broken-down, step-by-step nature, letting you skip back and re-watch the detail you need to watch again instead of dragging a slider bar around (which can be difficult with chicken-greased fingers)."

Click here to read the full article.

Buzz Rouxbe CEO Interviewed on KCRWs Good Food with Evan Kleiman

"...find yourself online looking for an instructional cooking video. There are a lot of them out there, but among the best, maybe THE very best are those at Rouxbe." Evan Kleiman, KCRW Good Food.

Here is a radio interview with Joe Girard, CEO of Rouxbe and Evan Kleiman, KCRW Good Food from November 1, 2008.

Buzz Rouxbe Cooking School on KCRW's Good Food with Evan Kleiman

<p>Evan Kleiman has been the host of <a title="good food kcrw evan kleiman rouxbe" href="">Good Food</a> on KCRW since 1998 and a longtime restaurateur and owner of Angeli Caffe on Melrose. She was the founder of Slow Food, Los Angeles and is an avid gardener. You can learn more or follow Evan <a title="good food kcrw evan kleiman rouxbe" href="">here</a>. </p> <p>Here is a radio interview with Joe Girard, CEO of Rouxbe and Evan Kleiman from November 1, 2008. </p><p>"I get lots of emails from people asking me if they should go to cooking school." </p><p>"I have to admit that I think that the best way to learn how to be a chef is to get yourself into a kitchen, not necessarily to get yourself into an expensive school. But there's a new way to get that kind of education that can save you a lot of dough, and you don't have to quit your day job. It's an <a title="rouxbe online cooking school " href="

Rouxbe Announces Online Content Engagement Partnership with Dean & DeLuca

Vancouver, B.C. — Saturday, Oct 4, 2008

Co-Branded Website Enables Dean & DeLuca to Build Consumer Loyalty by Offering Rouxbe?s Rich Instructional Cooking Content to its Customers

Vancouver, British Columbia, and Wichita, KS - September 20, 2008 -, the premier online instructional cooking site, today announced a unique partnership with Dean & DeLuca that...

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Rouxbe Launches the Crème de la Crème of Online Cooking Schools

Vancouver, B.C. — Wednesday, Jul 16, 2008, the premium online instructional cooking site, has launched the Rouxbe Cooking School. The extensive online school delivers a professional cooking curriculum in high quality, close-up video to home cooks around the world.

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Rouxbe announces content partnership with HarperCollins Canada and creation of co-branded channel

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, May 1, 2008, the premier online instructional cooking site, today announced a breakthrough partnership with HarperCollins Canada that will create a dedicated Rouxbe channel for consumers who purchase select HarperCollins Canada cooking publications.

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Ready for the world's first online video-based cooking school?

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Aug 16, 2007

Rouxbe is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver (NWCAV) ? a progressive and unique chef training school built, owned, and operated by its dedicated chef instructors.

View Press Release and HarperCollinsCanada Offer HD Instructional Cooking Videos for Apple TV

Vancouver, B.C. — Monday, Apr 30, 2007

Rouxbe Video Technologies in partnership with HarperCollinsCanada, is pleased to announce that its step-by-step High Definition ("HD") instructional cooking videos can now be downloaded and played in HD using the recently released Apple TV. is the first cooking website to provide instructional cooking content in HD. In the weeks ahead and into the future, additional content will be sourced from recipes taken from many of the highly-acclaimed cookbooks published by HarperCollins.

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Buzz CEO Joe Girard is interviewed on Breakfast Television!

On the morning of January 18th, 2007 Joe Girard was interviewed in a five minute segment on Vancouver's Breakfast Television. View the Segment (Video)

The Rouxbe family continues to grow!

Vancouver, B.C. — Sunday, Jan 14, 2007

Allow us to introduce Tessa Vanderkop and Brad Ando, the newest members of our crew. Tessa has joined as Assistant Community Manager and Writer and will be working on building our online community...

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Rouxbe hires additional team members and ramps up!

Vancouver, B.C. — Monday, Oct 2, 2006

We are starting our new production cycle which will allow us to produce and deliver new videos each week. In order to accomplish this goal, we are fortunate to have secured some more of Vancouver's top talent.

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Buzz Rouxbe featured in Globe & Mail newspaper

The Globe & Mail looks at Rouxbe's unique approach to raising capital.  Read the Article (PDF)

Rouxbe films twenty-five new Internet video recipes in record time

Vancouver, B.C. — Monday, May 29, 2006

Rouxbe has completed filming twenty-five new Internet video recipes including custom recipes for content partner Tayo Foods (Canada) Inc. During this production phase, Rouxbe also discovered a few new media capture techniques that have enhanced its proprietary media capture process (patent pending).

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Rouxbe Signs Perkins Coie's Head of Business Development, Scott Staff, to Rouxbe's board of advisors

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scott Staff of Perkins Coie has joined Rouxbe's advisory board. Mr. Staff is the Director of Business Development at Perkins Coie, the largest law firm in the Northwest.

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Rouxbe attracts former COO Jason Classon as Interim CTO, Investor and Director

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Apr 27, 2006

After helping create and grow into one of the world's most heavily trafficked English-based Internet sites (since acquired by Yahoo!), Mr. Classon joined Rouxbe as Interim CTO and Director.

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Award-winning film director joins Rouxbe as Head of Media Production

Vancouver, B.C. — Thursday, Apr 20, 2006

Five-time award-winning film director Lisa G Nielsen has left her post at the renowned Vancouver Film School to join Rouxbe as Head of Media Production.

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Rouxbe signs first content partner

Vancouver, B.C. — Sunday, Mar 26, 2006

Non-dairy product maker Tayo ( and Rouxbe have signed a media support agreement valued up to US$90,000.

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Sought after communications specialist, Randall Mang, joins Rouxbe advisory board

Vancouver, B.C. — Tuesday, Jan 17, 2006

Randall Mang is a senior writer, editor and principal of RandallAnthony Communications, a dynamic group of writers, graphic designers, photographers and other specialists who address the communications needs of organizations of all sizes...

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Beacon Law Advisor principal Invests in Rouxbe

Vancouver, B.C. — Tuesday, Jan 3, 2006

Rouxbe announced a significant private equity investment today made by Chris Hurley, Rouxbe's legal advisor from Beacon Law, who personally invested in the company. Mr. Hurley has worked closely with Rouxbe over the past five months.

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