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Rouxbe offers an effective path to learn foundational culinary arts - all online. Rouxbe’s professional certification program has been recognized and endorsed by leading chefs and organizations.

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Rouxbe Professional Certification Courses cover material and instructional content found in top professional culinary schools. This focus is foundational techniques - essential knowledge and skills for cooks. These are timed instructor-led programs with rich assessments and both student-submitted assignments and live instructor-led support.

Designed for cooks who want to work in the industry or anyone who wants an intensive immersion in cooking, Rouxbe serves as cost-effective complement to on-the-job training or as a professional development tool. This is next generation culinary instruction that fits your lifestyle without sacrificing the quality of instruction you receive.

Professional Culinary Training Game-Changer

Professional Cook Certification (Online)

Remember this day, March 5th, 2014 – the day the culinary training landscape changed forever!

The launch of Rouxbe's online Professional Cook Certification course charts a new path for cooks that want to learn to develop their craft. Equally suited for culinary students wanting to enter the industry, working cooks looking for professional development, or even serious home cooks that want to develop their culinary skills, this course introduces and reinforces fundamental techniques and knowledge needed in today's kitchens.

Advancements in technology, coupled with Rouxbe's break-through learning platform, now make it possible for cooks anywhere in the world to gain knowledge and learn culinary skills online. This 6-month program introduces an alternative educational path for cooks; for those who either can't afford the expensive tuition of conventional culinary schools or for those who simply prefer to develop their skills and culinary knowledge while working income-earning positions in a professional kitchen.

Despite a flexible and approachable structure, it is important to note that this is not an ordinary culinary training course. Here you will earn a 21st century certification that is designed to reflect the needs of the new world of food and cooking. This course begins with a comprehensive classical culinary curriculum, as this is critical in establishing a cook's framework for future skill development. However, this course moves well beyond the traditional culinary framework. It builds upon the classical teachings of the past, to new content areas that meet the needs and demands of today's consumers and employers.

Why? Because our food supply has changed. Industrialized agriculture has changed. Food production and processing has changed. And most importantly, the state of the world's health has changed. As a result, so should the curriculum we teach our next generation cooks. There is now—more the ever—an increasing need for cooks to embrace a culinary path that also includes attention to local and sustainable foods, seasonal and organic ingredients and cooking techniques that support a variety of approaches to cooking for health. There is also the need for cooks to know how to prepare meals for those with specialty diets, food sensitivities and even various medical conditions.

As a Rouxbe culinary graduate, you will be prepared to fill this critical 21st culinary need. You will stand out over other culinary graduates because you decided to elevate your game and advance your career with an approach that will set yourself apart from others. Enroll today or contact us with questions.

Successful graduates will:

  • Earn professional certification
  • Be invited to to attend an advanced training session with our lead instructors
  • Have the opportunity to be an official Rouxbe Instructor
  • Be showcased in our professional resource section for high profile job opportunities

Tuition for the July 11th, 2017 Class

Start Date Tuition
July 11th, 2017 $999.99 USD

Limited Seating

There are only 20 seats for this class. Reserve your seat now!

5 of 20 seats snapped up. 15 remain.

Class Start Date & Duration

Class starts on Tuesday July 11, 2017. Given the live elements and learning community-driven assignments, the class must be completed within 6 months.

Food service operators looking for training programs, contact us for deep discounts.

Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, or other food service organizations, can take advantage of a per property, one-time fee for their entire brigade (pay by year or by month).

Recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation as a Quality Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a time limit to complete this course?

    Yes, students will have a six-month time frame to satisfactorily complete and pass the course.

  • How many hours per week do I need?

    The course material covers includes approximately 200 hours of learning, including practical cooking exercises, written assignments and graded exams that you would have to incorporate into your life. You can do this at your own pace. We will be providing a suggested week-by-week schedule that will align with our scheduled live question and answer sessions. Plan for at least 30 hours per month, or 5-7 hours per week. And… best of all, much of this time is cooking time, so just work it into your regular routine. We all have to eat.

  • What is the passing grade?

    A passing grade is 75%. So yes, it’s a challenging course but we will support you through your learning in many ways to help ensure you successfully graduate. It is a lot of work and we do have high expectations for assignments. We even have a built in appeal process (called the “Rouxbe Supreme Court” for fun) and will provide opportunities to retake course assessments in cases where it’s warranted.

  • Do I have access to the content after the 6-months?

    You will be able to maintain access to all of your Certification Course content, as well as access to all other regular (i.e. non-Professional) Rouxbe content for only $4.95 per month (we will waive the $299.99 Initiation fee for successful graduates that would like to join our alumni). This ongoing subscription includes site updates and new content that we publish except for additional professional certification courses. So in short, with an online course, you can re-watch lectures and demos, over and over and over again… Nice.

  • What kind of certification do I get, and is this course accredited?

    Upon successful completion of this course, you will be granted a Professional Certificate from The Rouxbe Cooking School. Rouxbe is used as a training tool around the world in professional kitchens and culinary academies and your certificate with Rouxbe sets a new standard for 21st century training in the culinary arts. Rouxbe is not accredited by any regulatory body or degree granting authority.

  • What type of support do I get with this course?

    There are many opportunities for interaction, engagement and support. As an instructor guided course, you will interact with instructors via our question and answer feature as well as during scheduled instructor chat periods. You will also be able to communicate with instructors via a direct messaging feature. Lastly, we will have bi-monthly live question and answer sessions for the student community to discuss the course and answer any questions. This might also include guest speakers from time to time.

  • If I don't live in North America, will this affect my attendance in the live Q&A sessions?

    While it may be challenging for you to attend all of the live events, these are supportive in nature (question and answer style) and are not required, just voluntary. They will not cover any assessable information so you won’t miss out on any of the learning from the course. In addition, all live sessions will be recorded so you can listen in whenever you have the time and submit any questions that you have to your instructors via email or online chat features.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Once you have paid the tuition for this course, 25% of it becomes immediately non-refundable. As for refunding your tuition, we understand that there are sometimes unfortunate circumstances that are beyond your control that may require you to withdraw from the course (e.g. medical condition). We of course want to be supportive during these situations so will work with you on a one-on-one basis to help. However, after 7-days of the course start, there are no refunds.

  • What are some learning outcomes that I can expect after successful completion of this course?

    Each student is unique and has different goals as well as personal and professional aspirations. Regardless of how you wish to apply your knowledge and skill, there are consistent and measurable outcomes that we expect from all students upon successful completion of his course. These includes the ability to:

    • Understand basic food and kitchen safety and sanitation
    • Select, handle and maintain a knife and demonstrate knife cuts
    • Explain and demonstrate principles of egg cookery
    • Explain and demonstrate principles of salad production and vegetable cookery
    • Identify, describe and apply dry-heat cooking methods
    • Identify, describe and apply moist-heat cooking methods
    • Explain and demonstrate stock, short stock, and broth production
    • Prepare and present a variety of classic and contemporary sauces
    • Explain and demonstrate principles of meat, poultry and fish cookery
    • Demonstrate knowledge and application of seasoning and flavoring
    • Explain and demonstrate principles of pasta, legume, rice, and grain cookery
    • Demonstrate knowledge of basic bread, baking, and gluten functions
    • Demonstrate knowledge and application of basic pastry and chocolate use
    • Determine and evaluate basic nutrition in foods and specialty diets
  • Can I attend an information session and ask questions?

    Absolutely. We will have a series of information sessions so you can meet the Rouxbe team and learn more about our online courses.

  • Are there any prerequisites or requirements?

    While there are no formal prerequisites, Rouxbe does have expectations that our students are active learners, self-motivated and excited to learn new things in a time intensive and rigorous online certification course.

    It is also important that our students have a place to cook and share food regularly. This course will require a lot of practice and that means there will be food to cook and eat – that’s the great part. Plan on sharing a lot of food during your studies.

  • Who are your students and how will they use this certification?

    Rouxbe students come from all walks of life and from around the world. Students pursuing the Pro Cook Certification will reflect a variety of personal and professional backgrounds and aspirations including:

    • Cooks and foodservice workers who seek advancement
    • Culinary professionals who seek online professional development or continuing education
    • Students and potential culinary school students
    • Serious home cooks who will benefit from an intensive online course in foundational cooking techniques
  • Who are Rouxbe instructors and chefs?

    This course was designed by a team of committed educators with over 50 years of combined teaching and training experience. You can view the instructor bios here.

  • I'm ready to enroll, how do I get started?

    Great! Click here to begin registration. Select a seat to begin, and our automated system will walk you through the process. If you have any other questions, please contact

  • What equipment will be needed for participation in this course?

    A basic set of pots, a 10 inch pan, standard bakeware, cooking and prep bowls, utensils, a few quality knives, steamer basket and a blender. Ideal wish list: basic food processor, mandolin and a high speed blender.

  • What technology is required?

    A standard Apple or PC will work fine. Rouxbe works on all devices.

  • Do I need to be a current professional, or is doing the course because you are an aspiring professional ok?

    No you do not need to be a current culinary professional to take this course – but it is for those who are serious about the craft of cooking. This course is ideal for those interested in joining the culinary industry as well as for existing professionals who want to develop or hone culinary knowledge and skills.

  • What is Rouxbe?

    Founded in 2005, Rouxbe (“ROO-bee”) is the world’s leading online cooking school. Rouxbe offers instructor-guided certification cooking courses for cooks of all levels and all styles of cooking using intuitive learning technology.

    Rouxbe can be found in the kitchens of homes, schools, restaurants and professional culinary academies with over 120,000 users currently and in over 180 countries.

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